Zagreb Christmas Ball  - Croatia International Open 2020

  Show Dance


Sunday 20 of December 2020


-Stay safe and dance from home-

Entry deadline: 10th of December

Venue & Office: Online-ZOOM, Zagreb, Croatia

Video: YouTube 

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Participants performances and judges will take place in real time!

An open judging system: At the end of the category judges marks will be shown immediately.

Panel of Adjudicators:

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Gordan Krizaj

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Nermin Kocan


Merja Satulehto

montenegro flag.jpg

Jovica Nikolic


Katarina Todorovic


Krittin Ketkaewsuwan



Judges and judging system:


The jury consists of domestic and foreign acknowledged experts (judges, coaches, choreographers) selected by the organizer on the base of their references. Selected judges are experts from different dance categories.

Each category has 5 judges who specialized in dance disciplines for which they have been assigned to judge.


The judge evaluates each point from 1-lowest till the 10 – top, in the following parameters: - technique - music and rhythm - interpretation - choreography - Overall impression The winner in each category is the routine that has been evaluated with the highest number of points. If two or more routines reach the same number of points, the winner is the routine that has the highest number of points in the technique parameter. If it is not possible to determine the winner even after that, the deciding factor become the highest number of points in parameter music, rhythm, then interpretation, choreography and lastly also overall impression. If after the mentioned order of parameters it is still not possible to determine a winner, best routines share the first place.


The competition is open to clubs, associations, individuals, school groups and independent dancers from home and abroad.


Worldwide event




09:00am London time 

10:00am Berlin/Rome/Zagreb time 

11:00am Helsinki time

12:00pm Moscow time 

02:30pm Mumbai/Delhi time

04:00pm Bangkok time

05:00pm Singapore/Taiwan/Shanghai/Beijing time 

06:00pm Tokyo/Seoul time

08:00pm Sydney time

ACROBATIC DANCE                ARGENTINE TANGO                 BALLET                    BREAK DANCE                                                                        CARIBBEAN                              DISCO DANCE          DISCO FOX                          FITNESS DANCE FOLK & ETNO DANCE                     HIP HOP                               JAZZ                         LATIN SHOW                                                                                 MAJORETTE                      MODERN                          MTV                                 COMMERCIAL MUSICAL THEATER                           LYRICAL                         FREESTYLE                     ORIENT                                                                                   POOL DANCE                      POM PON                                SALSA                        SHOW DANCE STREET DANCE                                TAP DANCE                       TWIRLING                         KPOP

Age categories:                                                                             MINI KIDS: 1– 7 years                  CHILDREN: 1 – 12 years               JUNIOR 1: 13 – 14 years 

JUNIOR 2: 15 – 16 years 

ADULT 1: 17 + years 

ADULT 2: 31 + years

SENIOR: 50+ years

        Categories                             Min

        SOLO  1                                01:00-02:15

        DUO/TRIO  2-3                   01:00-02:15

        GROUP  4-10                       02:00-03:00

        FORMATION   11-30           02:00-04:00

        PRODUKTION  31+             02:00-05:00

Entry fee:


- 115,00 kn (15 euro) per dancer for each choreography. The bank charges must be paid by the payer of the registration fee.

*for European dancers the European Dance Council is participating with 1/3 of the entry fee, so the entry fee is 10 euro per dancer per choreography.


Diplomas and prizes (money prizes will be announced soon).


USA and European payments through PayPal ( or Transferwise (recipient email: bolero_zagreb) or

Bank details:

Plesni Klub Bolero

Address: Backa ulica 12, 10040 Zagreb, Croatia

IBAN: HR5224070001100457230


Otp Banka Hrvatska

- Asian entries through Miss Aleena Tan

Bank details:

Aleena Tan Moi Leng

POSB/DBS Account No: 279157630


Bank address: DBS BANK LTD, 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Central, Marina Bay, Financial State Tower 3, Singapore 018982



Plesni Klub BOLERO, Backa ulica 12, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Marko Ciboci  + 385919511844

Aleena Tan      Whats Up +65 9826 7015  / +65 82551543 or on email: , WeChat ID: jvier100316

Competition Rules:

By participating in online competitions you agree to the following terms:

  1. In the absence of an internet connection from the participant during the on-line competitions funds are not refundable.

  2. In case of poor (not sufficient) quality of internet connection from the participant during the on-line competitions funds are not refundable.

  3. In the absence of a connection to a participant before the scheduled start time of a category, the participant will be withdrawn from the competition without the possibility of a refund.

  4. In the absence of an internet connection or poor (not sufficient) quality on the side of the organizers of the competition, which led to the inability to run an online competition for all participants - the money will be refunded in full, except for the service fee.

  5. The on-line competition program will be published on the competition page on, as well as on social networks.

  6. By participating in the competitions, you consent to the online broadcast of the FlyMark YouTube channel. If the participant is a minor, the registration and consent is provided by the parents.

  7. The dancer is obliged to wear the appropriate (dance style) costume and to have the appropriate (dance style) appearance during the performance.

  8. Dancers eliminated in the qualifying rounds will be excluded from the conference and will be able to continue their live broadcast on FlyMark on Youtube.

  9. The dancers or their parents (guardians) are responsible for the performance and health of the participant.

Instructions for Participants:

- Before the competition, download and install Zoom -

- In this case of using Zoom in the browser (without installed program), the participant or his/her representative shall be responsible for         the quality and operation of the Zoom application.

- After installing Zoom, you must go to the Video settings and enable the option "Hide non-video participants" option.

- Check your Internet connection according to Zoom requirements:            p        Requirements-for-PC-Mac-and-Linux.

In case the Internet connection does not meet these requirements, there may be a lack of Internet quality for the participant's                           performance.

- Before the competition (in 1-2 days) get your starting number from the competition  page. Conference number will be sended to email or ask it from your coach.

- 30 min before the start of the your competition time, restart the device that has Zoom installed (to avoid technical problems with operating systems, as well as updates of certain programs)

- 30 min before the competition restart the Internet source (router, modem, etc.).

- Make sure that all other users are disconnected from the Internet source before the conference is closed.

- 30 min before the scheduled time of your competition, connect to the specified conference, MANDATORY using the start number as a           name when you enter. A participant who has entered the conference but cannot be identified will be disqualified. Communication, audio     and camera quality will be checked.

- If possible, we recommend placing the camera horizontally. Removal of the participant by another person during the performance is             allowed. The participant should be fully placed in the image during the performance. Make sure that the camera is locked.

- Keep track of the announcement of your number when competing. The presenter will ask you to turn on the camera on your device,             which you need to confirm to make a speech.

URBAN Urban encompasses choreographies of different street dance styles, such as hip hop, break dance, electric boogie etc. It could be only technical choreograph or it could be integrated into a story. Stage props are permitted.


DISCO DANCE Disco dance contains disco genres such as dance floor and freestyle. Modern elements from hiphop and break dance etc. are allowed, but typical disco elements should dominate. Acrobatic moves are allowed but should not dominate the performance.


ACROBATIC DANCE Acrobatic dance is a dance style that combines classical dance technique with precise performance of acrobatic elements. Its choreography should seamlessly blend dance and acrobatics. Acrobatics must be a part of the dance and not a gymnastic floor exercise.


SHOW DANCE Show dance is based on jazz technique, classical ballet technique and modern-contemporary dance technique. Technique of other dance disciplines can be incorporated, but should not dominate the performance. Story, presented by dancers, is the essential component of individual performances.


JAZZ Jazz is an extremely diverse art form. The entire routine must consist of jazz work, i.e. jazz technique turns, jumps isolations, stretch etc. Acrobatic elements are not permitted. Choreography must consist of basic jazz elements.


MODERN Modern dance is based on a relaxed, free movement-dancing, choreographers use feelings and moods to design their own dance steps. The entire dance routine must consist of modern dance techniques and current trends.


BALLET Dancers in this discipline must present Classical Ballet Technique and style and must perform it in soft ballet slippers or Pointe shoes. Lyrical, modern and modern jazz techniques and pieces are not permitted in this discipline.


TAP DANCE The primary emphasis is on the harmonious bled of the music and dancer's footwork technique; the dancer uses taps on his/her shoes to make sounds. The music must not contain pre-recorded taps. The dancer's taps and music must be clearly audible to the dancer him/herself, to the audience and to adjudicators/judges.


ORIENTAL This style of dance is based on classical RagsSharqi style and can contain elements of other oriental folk dances and styles.


FOLK AND ETHNIC DANCE This style of dance must express regional tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Costumes and music must reflect folkloric tradition.


POM PON Incorporated intensive physical activity both to motivate sport teams and audiences and for fun. Choreography can encompass many elements, such as tumbling, jumping, cheering in order to motivate spectators to cheer for a sports team.


LATINO SHOW Dance style dominated by Latin American and Ballroom dances. It can be dance by soloist, couples or in a group. This style also includes dances like Salsa, Bachata, Argentine tango, Swing ...


URBAN BATTLE CHALLENGE Special competition in urban dance disciplines such as hip hop, break dance, electric boogie… It is a battle system of elimination. It is a “all style” category.


POLE OPEN The goal is to present pole dance as an art form and a sport discipline. Allowed styles are fitness/sport pole and artistic pole. It is forbidden to use body lotions, oils, milks or body paint. It is not allowed to wear high heels. Topless, thongs and underwear are forbidden. Striptease kind of routine is strictly forbidden and will cause disqualification. 

PRODUCTIONS A production is defined as an elaborate theatrical presentation. It must contain a clear theme and story with a beginning, middle and end. Its primary purpose is audience entertainment. All dance styles are allowed. There are no age restrictions in productions and dancers from different age divisions can compete.